Fireplace Remodel Progress Update

Just in time for the cool weather, progress is underway for a cozy fireplace remodel in Alameda!

We are replacing the brick fireplace with a contemporary glass fireplace unit, and removing portions of the wall to open up the space to the kitchen and view of the beautiful bay water beyond the windows.

Photo 2.jpg

The sketchup model above gives a perspective view of the proposed design.  The white material on the walls will be an engineered porcelain tile, designed to mimic the flow and nuance of the natural Tuscan Travertine stone.  The darker material in the hearth will be a thin slab of engineered quartz.  We will miter the edge of the quartz slab to give it the appearance that the entire hearth is a solid piece of stone.  Our material selections will give the fireplace the upscale look of natural stone with the durability and affordability of engineered materials.  

The final result is going to be hot!  Follow our progress on Facebook.