Creating a Timeless Style

Mid-century modern.  Shabby Chic.  Modern Farmhouse.  Design trends come and go in waves and are as temporary as your high waisted jeans.  However, styling your home is a much larger investment of time and money than your wardrobe, and it’s important to make sure the design for your space is current but also timeless.  How do you make sure the design for your home will stand the test of time?  Take a look at our Hillegass staging project for expert tips.

Hillegass 1.jpg

Quality is key

Benjamin Franklin said that “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low prices are forgotten,” and he was a wise man indeed.  Well crafted objects from high quality materials will never lose their sweetness.  Everyone’s budget is different, but investing in at least a few, well chosen high quality pieces is a first step to creating a timeless space.  The piece will not only stay in style longer, but it will last longer as well.  For example, the tile and beautifully detailed wood moulding around the fireplace in our Hillegass remodel creates a quality piece that will stand the test of time.


Hillegass 3.jpg

Use trends wisely

Trends can be fun way to spice up a room, but they should be used wisely.  Keep trendy pieces as decorations that can be easily replaced if they eventually fade away without changing the quality of the room.  Trendy pieces can be sprinkled into a room in the form of accessories, artwork, or even wallpaper.  This mandala shower curtain in our Hillgrass bathroom remodel is a fun, trendy piece that can easily be replaced if the tides change.


Hillegas 2.jpg

Mix it up!

Draw from multiple styles in a tactful way so that the room can’t be connected to a specific era.  For example, this dining room from our Hillegass remodel includes wall panels that echo the craftsmen style, classical moulding, and a mid-century modern light fixture and table.  These pieces fuse together into a style that is cohesive but can’t be pinned down to a specific time period.  


Hire a Professional  

If the thought of mixing different styles is overwhelming, or you don’t know what pieces to invest in, it can be helpful to hire a design professional.  Here at Park and Pacific, we can help you make the right choices on your new project to ensure the result is timeless. Follow us for more design tips!