study in contrast

Let's focus on contrast.  While contrast by definition is a juxtaposition of unlike things, including contrast in an interior space doesn’t have to be jarring or uncomfortable.  When used correctly, it can draw out elements of a space and create interest and intrigue. 

The black tiles of this sleek, bachelor pad bathroom provide beautiful contrast with the bright white walls and cabinet.  The antique brass showerhead and grab bar add another layer of contrast and warmth to the space.

The dark-stained wood cabinets in this lustrous kitchen contrast strongly with the white marble back splash wall and counter tops.  The sharp angles of the cut marble contrast with the soft, flowing veins in the material, and the wood and metal materials add warmth and softness to the space.

This inviting bathroom is a contrast of whimsy and sophistication.  The colorful artwork and the connection to the outdoors give a feel of ease and playfulness, while the intricate tiles and black and white color scheme give an air of elegant sophistication. 

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