Light it up! Sonoma Farmhouse Lighting Guide

For the Sonoma Farmhouse, we have assembled a collage of sconces, pendants, and chandeliers to adorn each room. The pieces are rustic, subtly lustrous, and are sure to add brilliance to any room.

The Vintage Candelabra (#8) hangs in the living room as the centerpiece to the ensemble. Inspired from antique mid-20th century industrial fixtures, the piece is rugged with a hint of grandeur. It will hang in the family room, encircling family life and gatherings in the home. We can't wait to see it fit in with the other elements of the modern farmhouse.

Ranging from rustic chic to mid century modern, each luminous piece is distinctive but fits well with in the collection. As the Sonoma Farmhouse comes to completion, we will be posting more photos and updates. Stay tuned, as it the final product is sure to be brilliant!

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