Counter-Intuitive Countertops

Marble and granite are what we immediately think of when we think of high-end countertops. And while they are both beautiful materials, today we are going to highlight some less often used materials to adorn your dream kitchen countertops.

Concrete: effortless and sleek, concrete can be a great option for kitchen countertops. The concrete countertops in this kitchen add softness to the space and fit with the kitchen's industrial feel. Concrete can be stained, polished, and molded into virtually any form.

Wood: highly heat resistant and ideal for food prep when sealed properly, wood countertops are a welcoming and friendly option for kitchen countertops. The wood countertops in this kitchen are warm and beautifully textured.

Soap Stone: a material that hails back to our middle school chem lab, soapstone is making a come-back in kitchen counterops for a good reason. A natural stone material, soapstone is heat and stain resistant, and doesn't need to be sealed. The dark, matte surface of the soapstone in this kitchen is both modern and sophisticated.

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