Summer Solace

As summer is quickly approaching and the heat is setting in, we are dreaming of outdoor living spaces.  There is no better way to relax from a long day of work than to enjoy a cool summer evening outside.  Check out some of our favorite spaces below!

This covered patio creates a comfortable outdoor dining room and kitchen, and would be a dynamite space for a family or friend gathering.  We love the hanging pendants and chandeliers, which give the space a “magic garden” feel, and the rugged wooden beams above.  On the practical side, the fan and space heaters help to make the space comfortable from winter through summer.

This space captures that special “je ne sais quoi” of the French countryside, where time moves slowly and good friends and wine are always close by.  The low wooden chairs and white sectional with haphazardly thrown pillows invite us to sit down, relax, and take our time.  The grapevines that wind around the columns and through the overhang connect the space to the lush garden, just a step away.  C’est la bonne vie!

This sweet little garden corner is a great space to chat with a friend, read a book, or just enjoy the sun.  We love that the space is both contemporary and comfortable, with the sleek concrete coffee table, rugged wooden couch base, and plush white pillows.  The lush and colorful garden beyond is the perfect backdrop to the scene-no need for artwork or wallpaper!

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