Design for the Bay

These past few weeks we’ve grabbed our passports and travelled around the world to Japan, Denmark, and France to get a taste for what design philosophies are like in different countries.  We’ve visited très chic French family homes, minimalist Japanese gardens, and cozy Danish interiors.  But what about our own design philosophy here in the bay?  Here at Park and Pacific, we pull from the influences of places and people from our travels and research, but in a way that is unique to the needs of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Design for the Bay 1.jpg

Hella Hygge

Hygge is the Danish term for “coziness and comfort that encourages connection and well being.”  In the Bay Area, where life is often fast paced and high-tech, it’s important to have spaces that bring people back to comfort, connection, and well being.  This living room from our remodel project in Tiburon provides all three.  The richly colored ornamental rug and swinging chair full of pillows give comfort, the large sectional sofa encourages connection and the natural light and beautiful, expansive view of the bay contributes the to overall the feeling of well-being.  Hygge at it’s best, Bay Area style!

Design for the Bay 2.jpg

Maximizing Ma

The Japanese word “Ma” has to do with a purposeful use of “the space between.”  This can be seen in design in minimalism and intentional use of negative space, or in a lifestyle that embraces silence and pause.  In the Bay Area it is common to live lives without pause, with busy work schedules and long commute times.  A space designed with Ma can bring one back to peace, serenity, and simplicity after a hectic day.  This kitchen from our remodel at Blackhawk embraces Ma with a white color pallet and sleek, minimalist cabinets and drawers.  Imagine the serenity of coming home to this kitchen every night!

Design for the Bay 3.jpg

Trending Towards Timeless

In the Bay Area, we invest heavily in our homes, so it is important that the interiors of our homes retain and even increase the value of that investment over time.  The French are masters of timeless design, because they tend to honor the bones of their existing buildings while using an eclectic mix of antique and modern materials.  At Park and Pacific, we strive for timeless design as well, by considering the history of a building and using high quality materials in an eclectic mix of styles.  This interiors project at Hillegass embraces the traditional craftsmen style of the home while using an eclectic mix of high quality mid-century and contemporary pieces.  

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