How to Select the Perfect Artwork for your Home

Selecting artwork for the home can be an overwhelming process because the options are endless and quality artwork is a costly investment.  Thankfully, you don’t need to be the next Picasso to choose that perfect, stunning piece for your home!  See our tried and true tips below.

Brazil Art .jpg

Consider What is There

Walk through the existing space.  Are you wanting artwork for a cozy, intimate bedroom or a busy kitchen?  Is the space sleek and modern or traditional?  Take note of the colors, patterns, and textures you have in your room, and the feeling you want the space to evoke.  For Brazil, we paired this contemporary painting with the living room because the swirling black strokes echoed the large candelabras, and the blue and pink shapes added a pop of soft color.

Choose the Right Visual Movement

Visual movement is a term tossed around by artists that refers to the direction your eyes move while looking at a painting (it’s also a great way to sound intellectual and impress your artsy friends at museums.)  Visual movement is influenced by line, shape, and texture, but also the orientation of a painting.  The contemporary acrylic painting on the left has a strong vertical movement, so it draws the eye from the couch and up the wall to the beautiful exposed wooden beams above.  By contrast, the soft red and pink painting on the right has less visual movement and tends to keep the eye in the middle of the painting.  If you have a long, narrow space, consider a painting with horizontal movement that moves the eye through the space.  If you have a space with high ceilings or beautiful exposed elements above, consider a painting with vertical movement that brings the eye up the wall and to the ceiling.  

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Go Big or Go Home

Another important thing to consider in selecting artwork is size.  We’ve noticed that people tend to choose artwork that is too small for a space, and leaves the wall feeling vacant.  A large painting may not be appropriate for a cluttered or very small space but in general, don’t be afraid to go big!  Especially for contemporary artwork, bigger is almost always better.

Expand Your Interest

There is no need to limit yourself to just paintings!  Sculpture, pottery, and even custom lighting pieces can all be great ways to add character, form, and color to a space.  

If selecting artwork is still overwhelming to you and the looking at a Picasso makes your brain contort like a cubist painting, it may help to hire a professional.  Here at Park and Pacific, we love finding artwork for our clients and can help you find the perfect piece for your space.