Bring in the Spring! Our Favorite Indoor Plants

Despite the rain, we’re noticing a slight change of weather here in the Bay.  The days are getting longer and we’re trading our coats and scarves for t-shirts and sandals.  Spring must be on its way!  To welcome in this beautiful transition season, we are going green and sharing our 5 favorite indoor plants.  Indoor plants are not only a great way to bring color and life to a room, but they also can help reduce stress and filter pollutants from the air.  All they require is soil, sunlight and water.   


Monstera Deliciossa

Favored by the French artist Henri Matisse, the Monstera Deliciossa is a beautiful tropical plant with large, split leaves and a strong personality.  If well cared for and given the space, Monstera Delicioussa’s can grow over 10 feet in height!  Because of their tall height and bold form, Monstera Delicioussa’s work beautifully as statement plants, and can hold their own in a planter placed on the ground.  Monstera Deliciossa’s flourish in well-lit areas and need to be watered once a week.  


String of Pearls

These plants have unique, long tendrils with spheres growing from them, mimicking the look of a pearl necklace.  The long, overflowing tendrils make this plant truly eye catching and ideal for hanging.  Originating from the desert, the spheres are not pearls but are actually tiny containers that encapsulate water.  Hang one of these close to a window and give it minimal water in cactus soil, and watch it thrive!


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera grows beautiful long stalks in shades of teal and green.  We love aloe vera because it is easy to care for and can be picked and used for its medicinal properties.  Small aloe vera plants can be placed on dining tables, bedside tables, and coffee tables, while larger plants can hold their own on the floor.  Aloe vera plants flourish with minimal water and bright sunlight.  


Heart Leaf Philodendron

Heart leaf philodendrons have a distinctive heart shape in their deep green leaves and make beautiful table and hanging plants.  These plants do well in sunlight but can also survive in lower lighting conditions, making them suitable to a variety of locations in the house.  


Bird of Paradise

Last but definitely not least, the bird of paradise is a large, tropical plant that can add a burst of life and playfulness to your living room or bedroom.  The large, bold leaves and tall height makes the plant a great statement piece for a room. In optimal conditions, these large plants can bloom orange and white flowers.  Birds of Paradise thrive in bright sunlight and humidity, with plenty of water.  

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